VA Jumbo Loans

A VA Jumbo Home Loan refers to any VA home loans greater than $715,000 with a maximum loan amount of $4,000,000.  This loan provides a lower down payment option for eligible veterans to use in combination with their VA Eligibility. The down payment needed could be far less than what may be needed if doing a typical jumbo loan.

Advantages of using the VA Jumbo Loan:

  • You are able to obtain this financing with NO monthly PMI as expected on a typical VA loan.
  • If you are exempt from the funding fee due to a service related disability then you are exempt on this loan as well.
  • VA Jumbo Loans only require a down payment of 25% of the loan amount that exceeds $715,000.
    • Example:  If you are purchasing a home with a purchase price of $800,000, your maximum VA home loan amount would be $715,000 with a $0 down payment and 25% of the amount over $715,100, which would be 25% of 85,000 or $21,250 required down payment. On a 800K home this is only a 2.65% down payment
  • VA rates are some of the lowest rates available and you would be entitled to those amazing rates even though you are doing a jumbo loan
  • VA is relatively easy to qualify for and you are also able to take advantage of this ease in qualification

Raleigh Mortgage Group currently represents a number of VA lenders for VA Jumbo Loans in North Carolina. If you are a veteran or active duty service member, intend to do your loan on a North Carolina property, and are VA eligible, call Raleigh Mortgage Group at 919-866-0212 to maximize your VA home loan benefits. We appreciate your service to our country and look forward to thanking you in person when we speak.