Jumbo Loans

Jumbo Loans or “non-conforming” loans are typically used to buy or refinance more expensive and high-end custom construction homes where the loan amounts range from $726,200 to $3 million.

Raleigh Mortgage Group offers the most competitive Jumbo Loan Programs available for borrowers with credit scores starting at 680.  Since Jumbo Loans are held by the lender and not packaged with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it becomes much more important to shop different lenders for rates and programs.  Raleigh Mortgage Group works with a number of different lenders to offer the most competitive rates and Jumbo Loan programs available.

One of our Portfolio Jumbo Lenders offers:

  • 90% financing with NO Mortgage Insurance for borrowers with a minimum 680 credit score with maximum loan up to $3 million
  • 90% financing up to $3 million for borrowers with a minimum credit score of 680
  • 85% financing up to $2.5 million with 700 credit score
  • 80% financing up to $3 million with 700 credit score

Raleigh Mortgage Group offers Vacation Home, Second Home, and Condo Jumbo Loans with competitive ARMS and Fixed Terms available, including interest only Jumbo Loans up to $1 million, and Cash out Jumbo Loans up to $1 million loan amount.

We have numerous portfolio lenders that each have a unique way of structuring your Jumbo Loan. Some of these specialties are listed below:

  • 85% with a 660 minimum credit score
  • 95% Jumbo 1 Loan with monthly PMI or done as a 1st and 2nd to 95%
  • Another investor offers .25% reduction in your interest rate for auto paying your mortgage
  • The VA even offers VA Jumbo Loans if you are an eligible veteran

We know Jumbo Loans and are able to cater a loan to fit your specific needs. Call Raleigh Mortgage Group today at 919-866-0212 to speak with our experienced loan officers or apply online today.