What Types of Things Impact Your Credit Scores

Certain behaviors impact your credit scores. Having balance equal to the credit limit on a credit card impacts your scores negatively. Having too many inquiries on your credit report impacts your score negatively. Having late payments on credit (especially something currently 30 days late) impacts your scores. Not having a mix of credit meaning that you need both installment loans (like a car payment) and revolving credit (like a credit card). Not having established credit (only having 1 tradeline with only 1 or 2 months of review). Collection accounts impact your scores even if they are medical collections. Not using your credit (at least once every six months) impacts your scores. Closing good credit accounts impacts your credit (as soon as it is closed all of the good history that helps credit scores goes away). Using finance companies rather than typical banks (apparently the bureaus think that using a finance company is typical of a more risky applicant) so try using a local bank for smaller financed items like furniture or personal loan rather than using a finance company. Having public records (like a bankruptcy or tax liens or judgments) impacts credit. How long it has been since your last delinquency impacts your credit so make sure if you miss a payment or get a collection that you allow some time to pass before checking your credit again.