How Do Credit Scores Affect the Loan Type That You Qualify For

The higher your credit score, the more loan programs you will qualify for. If your credit scores are lower that doesn’t mean that you may not qualify for any loan programs. The lower credit score programs are typically more of the government backed programs like FHA, VA and USDA. With our wholesale lenders the minimum credit score required for FHA is a 580, VA is 560 and USDA is 600. Credit scores higher than these listed do not ensure that you will obtain a loan approval, but that we are able to continue working toward a loan approval for you. Most of our competition has much higher minimum credit score requirements. All of the government backed programs are great loan programs, but the way that some of these loan programs handle mortgage insurance is different than that of Conventional loans. Conventional loans require a 620+ credit score. So not being able to do a conventional loan sometimes makes your payment options slightly higher due to the mortgage insurance, where on Conventional loans there are additional mortgage insurance options that may offer lower monthly payment opportunities for you.