Application Fee and Credit Report Fees

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I received another sales call at my office this week.  You would be amazed how many daily sales calls my staff helps weed out so that I actually have time to work on your loans.  So this one got through and they wated to sell me the opportunity to be the preferred mortgage person on their site.  These folks were interviewing me and wanted to know what perk I could offer.  She (my interviewer/sales person) discussed how nearly every other company that she had spoken to charged application fees and for a credit report.

I have decided that it is not in my best interest to pay $3000 for the referral opportunity to help additional homeowners refinance or potential homebuyers get pre-qualified.  I guess I have 2 points to make.  One, is that in order to give my customers the very best deal,  I need to control the cost of obtaining thier referral or I have to charge more money to every applicant to cover the cost of obtaining new prospects.  The second point is that I don’t charge application fees or credt report fees and just feel that is part of my cost of doing business.

By choosing Raleigh Mortgage Group as your mortgage broker you can be assured that you are not being charged additional cost to cover bad advertising decisions on our part.  You can also rest assured that you can get a real mortgage offer from us with no up front application fees or petty charges for credit.